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AICHO’s History

American Indian Community Housing Organization (AICHO) is a nonprofit organization that grew out of a collective vision of Native American women within the Duluth Community who saw a need for culturally specific services to address the social issues faced by Native people such as poverty, violence, and homelessness. Since its establishment in 1993, the organization has developed many culturally based programs geared toward assisting Native Women, Men, and Children.
Mission & Operating Statement

AICHO’s mission is to honor the resiliency of Native American people by strengthening communities and centering indigenous values in all aspects of our work. Our operating philosophy is that all Native American’s deserve to live in a non-violent and non-threatening environment where they are treated with dignity and respect.
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Daryl Olsen accepting the Take Action Award

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AICHO Programs


A ten bed emergency shelter for victims of physical and sexual violence, trafficking, and stalking who need immediate shelter. Women and children can stay up to 30 days and receive a variety of services including advocacy, information and referral, housing search assistance, financial assistance, limited follow-up, limited on-site legal services and culturally specific programming.

Legal Advocacy Services

Advocates work with victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, trafficking. Services include protection orders, court advocacy, transporting to appointments, limited assistance with child custody/ICWA.

Community Advocacy

Advocates work with victims of DV, SA, trafficking who need assistance with housing, advocacy, information and referral and limited case management.

Oshki Odaadiziwini Waaka’lgan

5 units of short-term transitional housing. Families can stay up to 18 months and during that time must focused on self-defined goals that include: employment, education, family stability and permanent housing. Staff provide goal-setting, limited case management, advocacy, assistance with job search, assistance with obtaining permanent housing.


29 units of permanent, supportive housing utilizing the “housing first” model. On-site services include assessment, advocacy, limited case management, limited programming. ARHMS Case Management and Mental Health services are provided through a partnership with White Earth Mental Health.


A ten unit building which provides long-term housing options for individuals and families that already have access to housing vouchers. Case Management is provided through other programs and not offered as part of the housing.

Art Program

The art program brings in art activities and events for AICHO residents as well as the general community. Currently two art galleries are located in the Gimaajii building.

American Indian Center

Operates within Gimaajii and provides opportunities for tribes, tribal agencies and other community agencies to hold feasts, cultural events, community events, programming and more. In 2015 421 events were held in the Center with over 6500 people attending.

Family Homeless Prevention Project

Provides community members with information and referral, financial assistance to prevent or address homelessness and limited case management.

Cultural Organizing

To ensure that all AICHO programs provide culturally specific programming, cultural organizing staff develop monthly events/activities for on-site programming that is available to all AICHO residents, as well as community members and will organize off-site activities like Fond Du Lac language camp, etc.
More detailed information about AICHO programs can be found at their website: